RV & Trailer Storage Buildings for Sale

Whether you have Prevost Bus or a Kodiak 300BHSL Travel Trailer, your investment is valuable and if you have the space, you’ll want to check out, and contact General Steel today for exclusive pricing on industry leading protection for your RV or Trailer, a RV Storage Building customized for your needs!

This week, Trailer Broker announced its pre-release of it’s promoted RV storage brought to you by General Steel Buildings.

Both Colorado companies are excited to bring Trailer Broker RV and trailer owners with some of the best pricing in the industry backed by world class craftsmanship, quality and customer service!

For more info please visit gensteel.com


How to Get Free Camping in Colorado

If you’re an RV/Camping enthusiast then you’ll want to follow TrailerBroker.com on Twitter @Trailers for Sale. Trailer Broker will be giving away free camping to Colorado parks to those who follow them on #Twitter and Facebook { facebook.com/trailerbroker/}. Who can’t use a little bit of free camping?

If you’re looking for a deal on a new or used trailer, here are a few resources for you!

As always, we strive to get you only the best deals on trailers and RVs in Colorado – please come back soon!

Best Sway Control Hitch

With the vast number of sway control hitches on the market — how can you be sure you’re getting the best bang for the buck to match your needs? Trailer Broker.com over the next few months will be testing with practical use application as well as reviewing individual products with our contacted engineering firm to help dissect the PROs and Cons to some of the most popular hitches on the market.

The first hitch is in a class of it’s own and we’ve found only two hitches, both designed by the same person, Jim Hensley that guarantees to eliminate sway all together, the ProPride 3P Hitch. The order for this hitch was submitted last week and the TrailerBroker.com review team is waiting anxiously to test it on the perfect candidate, a 2013 Ram 1500 Max Tow with a 36′ 11″ Kodiak 300BHSL Travel Trailer.

The competition, is the Hensley Arrow and Trailer Broker.com is working anxiously on getting a product to test side by side to the ProPride 3P. The review will not be catered to one hitch being superior to the other rather than point out the pros and cons to each hitch.

For more info on up-coming hitch reviews please click here.

Trailer Brokers

Written by: Chris S.

Is it worth hiring a trailer broker to cut out the middle man (the dealer?). The simple answer is that it depends. Typically, most reputable manufactures don’t sell direct and they require you to make your purchase through a local dealer and in some cases, you can get a broker to make that purchase directly, but typically the manufactures won’t budge but instead, a trailer broker can help you negotiate a fair price with a local dealer.

This is one of the many reasons that we’re excited for the new TrailerBroker.com marketplace, it’s a place where you can find trailers for sale from dealers who have typically agreed to a less of a mark up as well as an agreement to provide world class customer service — among many other benefits.

So — is it worth hiring a trailer broker? Yes, of course. Even if they can’t buy from the manufacture they can help you get the best rate from dealers.

Where to get the best priced trailers in Colorado!

If you’re looking for trailers for sale then there’s one spot (regardless of who you know) that you need to know about…! The Trailer-Brokers are professional trailer brokers who specialize in helping consumers like you find only the best deals on the perfect trailer for your needs!

The Trailer-Brokers started right here in Denver, Colorado and quickly launched a location in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and now, service the entire United States. The Trailer Brokers have access to hundreds of dealers nationwide as well as thousands of monthly buyers looking for their perfect trailer.

Welcome to Denver Trailer Sales.com

Hello and welcome to Denver Trailer Sales.com!

At Denver Trailer Sales.com, we do the shopping so you don’t have to. We’ve created world class relationships with some of the leading new and used trailer dealers around Colorado to provide you the customer with extreme value on all new and used enclosed, flat bed, dump trailers and more.

Over the next few months we’ll be featuring local dealers starting with one of our favorite Denver trailer dealers, Parker Trailers!

For those who are looking for a great deal on new and used trailers visit parkertrailers.com who also opened a new Colorado Springs Trailers location!